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Full Stack Developer

Fidelis Technology Services Pvt Ltd

4-8 y



Roles & Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

· Work closely with Engineering and Portfolio teams to ensure we deliver world-class features & capabilities for our consumers

· Advocate and advance modern software development practices in teams

· Help develop and evangelize great engineering and organisational practices

· Implement best practice engineering vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve business performance

· Equip team with the skills, tools, and standard approaches to deliver functional excellence

· Evaluate the challenges faced by the teams and take action to mitigate technology risks

· Convert challenge into opportunities to optimize end to end deliverables

· Take part in implementation and support during initial phase of new tools and technologies.


Experience and Qualifications

· BE / B-Tech / MCA

· 4 - 8 years of relevant industry experience in technology

· Experienced in developing high quality software/automation/infrastructure.

· Hands on experience with modern software engineering practices.

· Solid experience of working with product mindset.

· Proven track record of solving complex problems involving multiple stakeholders and business units.



Essential Skills

· Having knowledge, views and at least 2 + years of strong implementation experience on JS/TS, NodeJS and React.

· Having knowledge or implementation experience around Agile, DevOps, CI/CD & GitOps philosophy, tools, frameworks and approaches.

· Good documentation, communication, presentation and pairing skills

· Hands experience of terraform, cloud services (AWS/Azure) and container technologies (Docker/ECS/K8s/Helm/Registry/Service Discovery)

· Having experience with monitoring and observability tools like Elasticsearch, Kibana, Prometheus, fluentd, jaeger etc.

· Hands on with development practices like test driven development, integration and contract testing.

· Ability to find solutions, think out of the box and keep yourself up to date with new tools, technologies and approaches.

· A persistent learner, self-motivated, flexible, responsible, and a penchant for quality


Desirable Skills

· Good understanding around components of computer networking (DNS, HTTP, IP, TLS), operating systems, programming languages, Security (OAuth, RBAC, API Security, Scanning, Encryption) etc.

· Having experience in area of developer experience like IDEs, developer tools, OS Builds, VDIs, JAMF etc.

· Experience with Backstage

· Understanding of Architecture and Design patterns

· Experience with data technologies like Snowflake, Kafka, Redis etc.

· Research mindset, operates largely independently, with minimal guidance and monitoring

· Appreciation and knowledge of technologies used within the project

· Ability to lead and motivate the team

· Proven ability to work well under pressure and in a team environment

Job Role

Full Stack Developer

Primary Skills

Node JS

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IT Services & Consulting

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