5 Non-Traditional Recruiting Tips Every Recruiter Needs To Know!

5 Non-Traditional Recruiting Tips Every Recruiter Needs To Know!

We know all of you recruiters have your own recruiting secrets that work for you. However, it is also understandable that the process might get repetitive.

So here are 5 tips that will help improve your recruiting journey:

1. Don’t Ask for a Resume, Gamify the Application Experience

According to Graeme Jordan, a CV Writer and Interview Coach, it takes around 8 hours on average to draft a resume. Employers look at a resume for only 6 seconds. But imagine 6 seconds multiplied by thousands of resumes. And on top of that most of the resumes do not go through. Time is money for young startups and this is valuable time lost. So instead of the traditional resume screening, recruiters can start the recruitment process by asking candidates to take a quick 15-20 minutes skills test.

Big companies often organize hackathons which are big-scale skill tests. Tech startup, Arctic Shores, released a video game titled Cosmic Cadet. It is a smartphone game that requires players to complete 6 levels in under 30 minutes. The game measures the players' resilience and problem-solving skills and generates a report for the recruiters detailing their skill level.

Cosmic Cadet by Arctic Shores

However, many startups do not have as many resources to spare. Thus, recruiters can utilize the already available online skills test platforms like Codility, Mettl, Toggl, etc,  to get a detailed report on each applicant’s skills. This saves a lot of time and effort for both parties and the recruiting process gets accelerated.

2.      Be Present in Places where Candidates are

We all know of LinkedIn hiring. We have also started to understand hiring through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But do you know that recruiting can go far beyond that?

Fetch used Tinder, to hire an intern. They created a profile and matched around 270 potential candidates. They then narrowed it down to 5 in-person interviews and ultimately hired an intern based on the candidate’s chat-up line. That’s not all, Banking giants JP Morgan used Snapchat geo-filters to reach candidates on the day of graduation to recruit fresh graduates.

Now of course you might be asking how are we supposed to hire technical talent through Tinder or Snapchat?  Well, you don’t necessarily have to. Instead, you can use Reddit! Reddit has a massive audience of 27M unique monthly visitors to technology communities. According to Comscore, more than 40% of all technology enthusiasts online are active on Reddit. You would be surprised at the enormous pool of talent who are constantly sharing their skills and knowledge (check this out!) on that platform for, well free.

Gmail automation tool by user create_urself

Just imagine one of them in your team! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

3.      Can you Utilize your Own Product?

A former recruiter for Spotify André Hellström found the most innovative and quirky way to approach developers on Github. While approaching them, he would send the link to his “Join The Band?” playlist on Spotify as he knew they liked to listen to music while working. This was not only innovative but an extremely strong way to establish their brand reputation. On top of that, they didn’t have to bear a single extra cost. HackerRank a technology hiring platform uses its own product to test candidates and hire them.

The main benefit of using a company’s own product for hiring is its cost-efficiency. Of course, not all products can be as straightforwardly used as that of HackerRank. So, the recruiter needs to think outside of the box and explore various ways in which they might incorporate their product for recruiting. For example, if your product is a food delivery app, you can send out a coupon named “HIRINGNOW” for 10% off on deliveries above a certain amount. This might not be a targeted sourcing method but is innovative enough to catch the attention of your customers.

4.      Organize Recruitment Events

Organizing recruitment events or job fairs is a great way for recruiters, and candidates to meet, interact, and network. These events are usually conducted by companies to reach a wide range of audiences.

However, with the pandemic making it difficult to organize in-person events, virtual webinars have started gaining popularity. These webinars are often organized by companies, that wish to build brand awareness. One such event was held by Amazon right when the world went into lockdown, called Amazon’s virtual career day 2020, where they showcased 33,000 open positions in the company.

Startups can also follow this route, although recruiters should keep in mind- a webinar held by you would most probably not be able to compare to that by Amazon.

So, you need to make sure that the events you organize add some value to the participants. By providing incentives like free subscriptions (if your product is subscription-based), bonuses (check how Growthclub.org, a startup providing LinkedIn Marketing services organized a successful webinar by sharing their own suite of LinkedIn Marketing tools), etc, you can encourage your audience to attend these webinars and interact with your brand.

Recruiters also need to intensively market these events so as to reach an audience beyond their first-degree network. Word of mouth is of course a good marketing technique but cannot be the only option to rely upon. Paid marketing on social media, inviting renowned speakers and getting them to post on their own socials, etc can also be considered.

5.      Pick Up a Recruiting Niche

Now, this tip is the most non-traditional tip out of all the non-traditional tips we have given you so far, but we do believe it is extremely effective. Becoming an expert in a niche industry will serve you many benefits. You can access and invest your time and energy in a concentrated pool of candidates, which will yield more efficient results. Working with a specific industry will allow you to learn the industry inside out and call yourself an expert. Your expertise will be sought after and you will have economic leverage. Becoming an expert in a particular industry also opens up a huge network which in turn helps gain even more contacts.


Following traditional channels, although is a tried-and-tested method that does yield effective results, can cause exhaustion. A job of a recruiter might seem monotonous sometimes, but we believe these tips will not only help you get results but also make the job fun. So put on your thinking caps and get those creative juices flowing!!